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The newly bid trash contract will take effect June 1st, 2023. We are sorry to inform you that the City and Meridian Waste will no longer be providing a recycling program. The reason we are discontinuing this is due to the bid price being considerably higher for recycling, going from $4.50 per month to $16.27 or higher and due to the Board of Alderman not thinking we would meet the bid participation level of (110) by the residents. There are numerous locations in Warren and Franklin Counties that accept recycle material for the citizens who want to continue to recycle can take their material to. The City Council felt it is no longer cost effective to provide the recycling program. The last day of recycling service in the City of Marthasville will be on June 1st. The recycling carts will also be collected on that date, so please make sure your recycle cart is left at the curb.

Additional trash carts if needed can be requested. An additional $4.00 fee will be assessed per month for each additional trash cart.

As a reminder, any utility account holder 60 years and over with proof of age are eligible for a $1.00 discount off their trash service per month. You can sign up for this program at City Hall.

Under the new contract, people who were recycling will see their monthly bill decrease $1.50, from $18.50 a month to $17.00 a month. People who have had trash only will see an increase of $3.00, from $14.00 to $17.00 a month. The new contract will have the following rates for the next three years for trash collection only, 2023: $17.00 2024: $17.70 2025: $18.43

Increases in trash collection will be taking place starting June 1st.

Also, starting with the July billing you will see an increase with your water and sewer rates. The average user of (5,000 gallons) per month will see an average increase of $4.00 per month. An average of $2.00 for water and $2.00 for sewer, depending on your usage.

The city council works diligently in trying to hold utility bill rates to an affordable level while still making improvements and maintenance to the systems. The citizens of Marthasville enjoy some of the lowest municipal utility rates in the State of Missouri.


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